I’ve created this website for two reasons.

Sharing Resources:

As a long term audio-addict, I’ve spent many years reading through and searching various audio and DIY-audio forums. My hope is to later reference and condense some of those resources specifically related to DIY-speaker kits, in an easier to view and more comprehensive but still concise format. The first contribution which I have been working on for some time, and I hope some readers will find of benefit, is a compiled list of currently available mainstream DIY speaker kits. Kits can be viewed or sorted by various statistics such as speaker type, dimensions, woofer brand or model, electronics cost, and various other data points. Various compilations of website links have been created collaboratively on various DIY forums over the years, but they still require extensive searching between multiple websites, lots of filtering through models, and then often still require individually looking up components costs for woofers and crossovers. I plan to provide all those details in one concise location.

View the sortable table here in the Resources page.

Assembly Services:

Through many years involved in DIY and in the various DIY-audio related forums there have been very few services available for the assembly of crossovers. A few retailers offer assembly services but that service availability is typically limited to their own kits, and does not readily allow for customization of the crossover components selected for use.

I am offering crossover assembly services on a limited basis. I say limited because this is a part-time endeavor for me. You won’t see me putting much focus on proactively promoting these assembly services, but they are available. I am full time employed and busy with my large family. I am not seeking to take on full-time hours for assembly, but on a part-time basis, I am enjoying providing a needed service for those persons who desire it.

In addition to crossover assembly I am also frequently asked to terminate or build custom cables (speaker, interconnects, power) for customers. On occasion I have assembled amplifier kits for customers, provided custom front baffles including from hardwood including exotic species, and have built complete custom speaker cabinets. Feel free to contact me by email with any project you may be seeking assistance with.

My direct email is elon@ezeescrossovers.com