The oversized DIY-speaker kit comparison chart –October 2021 -Under development. I’m not adding designs with as much frequency as before, while I try to put some more time into updating this website. I do still have a very short list of additional designers and kits to add, but I think this resource is pretty close to complete.

The goal here is a semi-comprehensive, single-location reference. The table is searchable and by hovering over the title-bar and clicking the corresponding arrows you can sort any of the columns.

All prices are per-pair, unless design states it is center-channel. Unless it is listed as a “kit-only”, the price shown is approximate and includes only the drivers, without crossover components, connectors, and other necessities.

Please keep in mind this is a work in-progress. Some errors may exist. This is not a list of recommendations, but is intended to summarize many of the mainstream and publicly available designs. It is unfiltered and still up to you to perform your due diligence in selecting a design. Some of these designs are great performers, others are fairly mediocre, and should be viewed as “hobby-grade” designs, that are not at the same performance level as some of the designs from professional designers. At a future time I will offer some more specific recommendations.

Favorite Links

Below is a collection of educational resources relevant to DIY audio, which I will continue to add to. These are not links to specific DIY kits or retailers. If there’s a resource you have learned from or enjoyed please share it with me by email, so I can share it here. These links are intended to discuss general principles, and not to evaluate or compare specific speaker models.

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