There are numerous designers that offer complete DIY kits for speakers they have designed. Other designers offer detailed plans and allow you to secure your own materials. If you are not purchasing a kit but will be building speakers based upon a set of plans and will need to select or purchase crossover components than the information you want is on the Schematic based builds page.

If you are still here, the following info and pricing applies to DIY kits purchased from a designer or retailer, or for any design you have already purchased the components for.

My assembly fee for kit-based crossover builds currently ranges from $80 to $150.

Click this link for an explanation of what is included with photos showing the methods utilized.

For a free price quote please contact me by email. I will send you an assembly price quote based upon the complexity and size of the crossover network.

Note: Most kits do not include the mounting board for your crossover components. My assembly service includes a mounting board which I will size to match your components, as well as the opening and interior space of your specific model.

For a limited time, while still developing this website, I will assemble crossovers for early customers, for only $50 plus return shipping of the completed assemblies. The reason I’m offering this reduced price to the first customers is with hopes of gaining some early reviews and word of mouth support, obtaining some build-process photos for this website, and as appreciation for your patience with my uncompleted and in-progress website.

I can only offer this reduced price for assembly of a kit you have purchased. By “kit” I mean that you have purchased the crossover components which will be shipped to me, from you the customer, or directly from the designer/retailer. Schematic based builds that require me to take the time to select and/or purchase the crossover components do require significantly more time and can’t carry the same discount.