This website is currently under development and has not had an official launch. In the meantime, I will offer a discounted price for the early customers.

I will offer crossover assembly services for early customers, for only $50, plus the return shipping. That pricing would apply to any kit that you have purchased. If you have already received your crossover components then you would simply ship the components and provide the schematic, I will return ship to you your completed crossovers. If you have not yet purchased your kit we can arrange to have the kit shipped here directly from the vendor to save yourself that effort and shipping cost.

This discounted price is being offered to establish early customers, in hopes of establishing some reviews, and word of mouth support. The discount is also to offset the inconvenience of this website not being fully developed, and not yet being live for automated payments. Additionally, I will take some assembly photos throughout the process that will be used to build the website.

If you want to go ahead and proceed or want additional information, please email me at If you wish to have a phone discussion, please provide a phone number and I will return your call.