This is a service to select and/or purchase the components needed for your crossovers, and then assemble them. This process of selecting components adds an additional process beyond assembling provided components from a kit. I can accommodate your request for a specific brand or series of components if you have already made that decision, or I will make suggestions to you based upon the kit schematic you have selected and your stated budget preferences.


My assembly fee for a pair of crossovers where I select and/or purchase components begins at $80 for a pair. (A single center-channel board would begin at lower price). Most bookshelf or other 2-way designs are included in that beginning price.

An increase in the assembly cost is necessitated by things such as a higher number of inductors, a design that requires circuits be separated onto more than one board per speaker, abnormally complex layouts due to sizing or abnormally high number of components.

For a free price quote please contact me by email. I will send you an assembly price quote based upon the complexity and size of the crossover network. I will also

What’s Included:

The assembly price includes the crossover boards that I will size to match your components as well as your cabinet opening and interior space. It also includes the small incidentals items such as zip-ties, solder, and heat-shrink tubing where it is needed.

Click this link for photos showing the methods utilized.

The Process:

Based upon the schematic for your selected design, we will discuss options for components that fit within yout desired performance and budget preferences. You are welcome to purchase components on your own and ship them here for assembly. If you prefer to have me make those purchases, I charge nothing for the time I spend on purchasing. I am typically making purchases each week and am often able to combine shipments for multiple customers, which splits the shipping cost and saves you a few $$. Generally, when I make purchases for the customer, I am able to save money by leveraging my knowledge of product pricing and utilizing a variety of vendors for the best prices on each item. There is no “best retailer” that offers the best pricing on all items. I utilize a US manufacturer for the purchase of inductors and for budget priced capacitors such as the larger values often used for woofer circuits. For resistors and premium capacitors, the best prices are often from retailers in the UK and Canada. By utilizing multiple vendors and combining orders when possible, the component cost which I pass on to the customer is consistently cheaper than what the customer would pay if purchasing from a single source or favorite vendor.

My fee for for purchasing the necessary components is 5% of the total cost, so a $150 purchase costs you $7.50, which is generally offset by the money you saved from my selectively sourcing components from multiple vendors. That small fee goes almost entirely to paypal to cover their fees for the payment transaction. Additionally, if I am making component purchases, I may request a partial down-payment towards component costs. The small down payment is to reduces the risk that a customer changes their mind on completing the assembly, after I have bought componets that are specific to their design, and that I’m unable to resell.

I will notify you by email after I have received all of your components. As I near completion of your assemblies I will send you a paypal invoice for the assembly fee, reimbusement cost if I made component purchases, and return shipping. I will add shipment tracking info to your paypal recepit so that you can track the return shipping progress.

To receive a free quote and recommendation for parts, you must provide me with a file that contains the crossover schematic, or a direct link to the schematic if it is published on the designer or retailer’s website. I will price the parts and will typically provide you two different pricing options for those components. I will then build it at the price point you desire. I will not be quoting you for the generic, unbranded, and sometimes even unmarked components that are so common in most retail speakers. The reason you have chosen to go the DIY route, is because of the tremendous performance per dollar value that comes from it.

My baseline recommendations and pricing for components will be based upon reputable, proven, name brand components with a high performance vs cost ratio. The second pricing option will be for a reasonably upgraded but still high value set of components. If you are wanting very high-end components and want to pay top-shelf prices for the best possible options than please say so in your communications. For example, if my baseline price quote for components is $55, than the upgraded version I offer may have a comparative cost of $85. If you tell me you want “best of the best” than you could easily spend $300 or more. My fee remains the same for assembly, but how much you spend on parts is up to your desired budget. By charging a flat fee for assembly you can be confident that I have no motivation for parts selection other than great performance, your happiness, and your preferred budget.

If you have already chosen and purchased the components for your crossover than the information you want is on this page

Go ahead, try it out. No cost for that quote. As I continue to develop this website, I will consider posting component price quotes for those kits that have popularity and generate repetitive interest or purchase.

If you choose to have me build your crossovers, the flat fee for the build service starts at $80, plus you pay the cost of the components. My goal is to provide you a premium service. Please email me with any questions or for a free build quote.

My rant about shipping insurance:

Note: If I estimate the value of your raw components to be greater than $300, I will automatically add the cost of shipping insurance at your expense (1.5% of insured value. $300 insured value = $4.50 cost). That is cheap protection against total loss. You will see that additional cost on your paypal invoice. If you prefer to not purchase shipping insurance I will remove it upon your request. If the value is estimated below $300 than I will add insurance only f you request it. My recommendation to you is to request shipping insurance, but it is your choice and responsibility. Shipping accicdents are fairly rare but they can happen. I can not assume responsibility for things outside of my control. If the delivery company delivers your package to wrong address, crashes the delivery van, loses your package, plays soccer with your package, or if a porch thief steals your package, those are things clearly out of my control that I can’t assume responsibility for. I can’t buy you new crossover components if any of those, or similar things happen, so please consider adding the insurance if you don’t want to assume that risk. Almost without exception I ship all packages either USPS or UPS. If there is a particular mail carrier that you want to avoid or prefer to use, please let me know.

Despite that disclaimer, I am a very reasonable and considerate person. It has not happened yet but if perhaps your item does receive some damage and needs repair, I will donate of my time and service to help correct the issue, but I am not able to pay for the repurchase of lost or destroyed items.