This is a service to select and/or purchase the components needed for your crossovers, and then assemble them. This process of selecting components adds an additional process beyond assembling provided components from a kit. There can be huge differences in price and even component performance depending upon which components you select. Each brand has a wide range of products available. I can accommodate your request for a specific brand or series of components if you have already made that decision, or I will make suggestions to you based upon the kit schematic you have selected.

Click this link for an explanation of what is included with photos showing the methods utilized.

To receive a free quote and recommendation for parts, you must provide me with a file that contains the crossover schematic, or a direct link to the schematic if it is published on the designer or retailer’s website. I will price the parts and will typically provide you two different pricing options for those components. I will then build it at the price point you desire. I will not be quoting you for the generic, unbranded, and sometimes even unmarked components that are so common in most retail speakers. The reason you have chosen to go the DIY route, is because of the tremendous performance per dollar value that comes from it.

My baseline recommendations and pricing for components will be based upon reputable, proven, name brand components with a high performance vs cost ratio. The second pricing option will be for a reasonably upgraded but still high value set of components. If you are wanting very high-end components and want to pay top-shelf prices for the best possible options than please say so in your communications. For example, if my baseline price quote for components is $55, than the upgraded version I offer may have a comparative cost of $85. If you tell me you want “best of the best” than you could easily spend $300 or more. My fee remains the same for assembly, but how much you spend on parts is up to your desired budget. What I’m not going to do is quote you for garbage components and try to sell you that same crossover for $15 in parts. That’s not worth my time or your money. You’ve chosen to build a DIY kit because you want higher quality. By charging a flat fee for assembly you can be confident that I have no motivation for parts selection other than great performance, your happiness, and your preferred budget.

If you have already chosen and purchased the components for your crossover than the information you want is on this page

Go ahead, try it out. No cost for that quote. As I continue to develop this website, I will consider posting component price quotes for those kits that have popularity and generate repetitive interest or purchase.

If you choose to have me build your crossovers, the flat fee for the build service starts at $80, plus you pay the cost of the components. My goal is to provide you a premium service. Please email me with any questions or for a free build quote.