If you are a designer or DIY kit retailer, I can provide multiple options to expedite sales for your buyers who prefer to purchase your kit with an assembled crossover.  I can ship completed crossovers direct to your buyer for each individual order you receive, or I can provide you with completed crossovers which you will offer and ship to your customers.

Here’s how I think my service can help you.

If you are a designer than that is where you want to spend your efforts, in making new designs. Most designers with a retail presence for kits are running a one-person or family operation. You probably don’t have the time for building individual crossovers for existing designs. For this reason very few designers offer crossover assembly services.

If you are a retailer, you are juggling many tasks. Your market-hold is probably not limited to DIY speaker kits. You probably have staff but they are focused on other things, marketing, order fulfillment, shipping, customer service. You may not have the space or trained personnel for crossovers. Plus lets face it, the small markup fee for crossover assembly will not leave any profit after the hourly employee expenses, oversight, necessary training, and space allocation.

The market for pre-assembly of DIY speaker kit crossovers is an admittedly small portion of the overall market so why is it worth your time? Once we have agreed upon a method of partnership you will be able to capture that portion of the market. You will gain that sale with no reduction of profit per unit for those additional sales. You retain your kit fee. I receive the assembly fee and perform the labor. Your time expenditure to fulfill that transaction may actually be reduced.

Here are a couple variations of how my assembly service can benefit your sales.

Option 1: You add the “crossover assembly” option to your existing website. The customer pays you as normal for the kit, plus the add-on fee for assembly. You forward to me the assembly order and our agreed upon assembly fee. I ship the assembled crossover directly to your customer. You don’t have to package or ship anything and your order is complete. This option would likely appeal mostly to the designer who does not have a large retail presence beyond the DIY kits you offer. If that sale is most likely limited just to the kit purchased than it allows for a hands-off completion of that order, since I will be shipping the assembled crossover.

Option 2: You add the “crossover assembly” option to your existing website. I will pre-assemble your desired number of crossovers and ship them to you assembled, for you to hold in your inventory. Depending upon quantities and frequency, we can negotiate a payment of the assembly fee for each assembly, when received at your location, or the assembly fees can be paid individually upon the sale of each unit. This option would likely appeal mostly to a retailer who routinely sells other items together with their DIY kits, and therefore benefits from having inventory on-hand to combine with other sales items being sold together in the same order with the assembled crossovers.

With either of these options, I could acquire the crossover components direct from you or direct from your supplier depending upon your preference or structure.

Of course, without any collaborative effort, customers can continue to purchase kits separately and can pay for assembly service on their own as needed. Additional benefits that arise from partnering with E-Zee’s crossovers, for assembly services, are that the pre-building of crossovers, even in small quantities, allows for additional premium services that can be marketed and included as added value, without additional costs. Additional information can be provided upon request.

Proprietary crossover designs that have not been published or otherwise made public by you their designer, will always be protected and will not by published, shared, or built through any means other than a customer’s direct purchase from you the designer of that kit.